Top 7 Facts about Preemies and Vaccines

OK, set before we start today’s blog, let’s talk about the pink elephant in the room; this article is not anti-vaccine or pro-vaccine. We’re just here today to offer info and facts about vaccinating premature babies, not to put forth our (various) opinions about anything vaccine-related. Everybody good? Then let’s get started.  1- Vaccine Have … Read more

What Do Preemies Look Like When They’re Born

There are few creatures on this earth as adorable as a newborn baby. They’re chubby, with big cheeks and the cutest little fingers and toes you’ve ever seen. Sure, they look a little wrinkly at first, but after a few days, those wrinkles disappear. (At least for about 30 years. Then they start slowly coming … Read more

4 Facts About Preemies and Intestinal Problems

Like all humans, preemies have a digestive system and GI tract that processes their food, absorbs nutrients, and eliminates waste. (Poop and pee, naturally.) Also, like the rest of us, they sometimes have intestinal problems, the big difference being that, if you’re a preemie, they can be severe and life-threatening. In today’s article, we’ll take … Read more

Top 9 Differences Between the NICU and the PICU

Healthcare and acronyms go together like peas and carrots; it’s true. Both can also be a bit intimidating, especially when you’re the first-time parent of a bouncing bundle of baby. (That goes for both preemies and full-term babies.)  For example, what’s the difference between an MD and a DO? Frankly, not much, except the DO … Read more

The Top 6 Vital Signs and Ranges for a Preemie

Whether premature or full-term, all babies are checked for their ‘vital signs’ in the first few hours after being born. These tell doctors and nurses how your preemie is doing and, in some cases, highlight health problems your preemie might be experiencing. They’re an essential picture, if you will, of your baby’s health. To that … Read more

7 Fascinating Facts About Premature Baby Doctors

In the medical profession, there are many different specialties. One of the most interesting is the neonatologist, a doctor specializing in helping premature babies and newborns. Indeed, their specialized training, more than even a pediatrician, allows them to help preemies born with many types of severe illnesses at birth, ensuring that they survive the trauma … Read more