9 Fun Facts About Using a Preemie Octopus

About 1 in 10 babies is born prematurely in the United States every year. If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you already know that preemies face an uphill battle from the minute they’re born. They face serious health problems from Day 1, including breathing, eating, staying warm, and, down the road, developmental issues. … Read more

Top 8 Facts About Preemie Head Shape

If you’ve just given birth to a precious preemie, you might notice that their head shape is…slightly off. Maybe it’s asymmetrical or, at the very least, atypical. Of course, that’s concerning because we all want our children to look as ‘normal’ as possible. Plus, you have to wonder how a misshapen head will affect your … Read more

Top 5 Facts About Flying During a High-Risk Pregnancy

Traveling is a pleasure millions of people enjoy, especially by plane. Many Americans also travel frequently for work, including plenty of women. It’s an easy, fast and safe way to travel, no doubt about it. For a woman who’s pregnant, however, flying can sometimes be problematic. Yes, experts say that flying while pregnant is safe, … Read more

10 Interesting Facts About Preterm Labor

Being pregnant is a magical and maddening time for a woman. That’s especially true if it’s her first pregnancy when everything is brand new, and every experience is unique. That includes labor and delivery, of course, which is the time that most women worry about the most.  In ‘normal’ pregnancies, labor starts at about 40 … Read more