All You Need To Know About Preemie Milk Banks

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that we’re big on breastmilk. It’s the best food for your preemie, and for every baby, no question. Breastmilk is filled with vitamins and minerals, loaded with antioxidants (from mom), and also has immunity-boosters in it that help your preemie survive their first frantic weeks … Read more

How Early Premature Babies Survive

Only a few short decades ago, if a baby was born prematurely, the chance of their survival was low at best. That included very premature babies, of course, but also babies who were born only a few weeks prematurely. The unvarnished truth is that, without the correct amount of time in their mommy’s womb, a … Read more

The Top 10 Preemie Essentials

No mother ever expects to have a premature baby. Sure, there might be a history in your family, but all moms still want (and hope) that their precious baby will be born on the correct timetable. Of course, your preemie couldn’t give less of a hoot about what you want or what’s most convenient for … Read more