Top 10 Facts About Preemies and Car Seat Tests

If there’s one thing that sets preemies apart from other babies, it’s that they’re so small. It’s not surprising since they came into the world too early, but it does cause all sorts of challenges. For example, breathing and eating aren’t nearly as easy as they should be due to underdeveloped lungs and an immature … Read more

Is Premature Labor Hereditary?

If you’re pregnant or plan to be someday soon, there’s probably a lot of questions going through your mind. How will your pregnancy be, easy or difficult? Will you have morning sickness? How much weight is healthy to gain when you’re pregnant? Those questions and, likely, a whole bunch more will need to be answered. … Read more

All About Preemie Umbilical Hernias

For moms and dads of preemies, the first milestones are some of the most important. Breathing unassisted, for example, and eating on their own (Being able to suck and swallow) One of the first and usually easiest milestones is when your preemie’s umbilical cord ‘stump’ dries out and falls off, revealing your preemie’s cute little … Read more

All About Preemies and ADHD

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that preemies, because they’re born too early, are subject to all sorts of health challenges. (If you’re not a regular reader, welcome! We hope you enjoy what we’re doing.) From not being able to breathe on their own to feeding problems, neurological challenges, and more, … Read more