All About Preemies and Reflux

Every preemie comes into this world facing challenges, almost all because they were born too early. Their tiny lungs, for example, have a challenge breathing. Their skin has a challenge keeping them warm (because they have too little body fat). Their eyes face many challenges in functioning correctly, getting healthy, and seeing the world they … Read more

Are Premature Babies ‘Normal’?

It’s a question that many a mom and dad of a newly born preemie ask; is my baby normal? It’s certainly not a question most want to ask, that’s for sure. Everyone wants their child to be normal, but when they come so early and have so many medical challenges, it’s easy to ask that … Read more

Can Preterm Labor Come and Go?

It’s a fear that many women have when pregnant; will their baby go to full-term, or will they be the 1 out of 10 deliveries that is premature or preterm? The answer can be life-changing. It can mean the difference between leaving the hospital after 2 or 3 days with your bouncing new baby or … Read more

Why Is 35 Years Of Age Considered a High-Risk Pregnancy

When most people think of being 35, they don’t consider that to be “elderly.” (Unless they’re, like, 12 years old.) 35, at best, is early middle age. But, if you become pregnant at 35, something interesting happens; you get listed as being ‘elderly’ by obstetricians. In fact, there are two terms that obstetricians use to … Read more

What Is Preemie Lazy Eye?

Vision. Most will agree that it’s the most important sense, allowing us to take in everything around us in a way that none of the other senses can truly match. Giving you vision are two of the most amazing organs in the human body, your eyes. Your eyes are your window on the world from … Read more

All About Preemie Eye Exams

Of all the organs in the human body, few are as important as the eyes. Our eyes allow us to experience the world in ways that are undeniably amazing and, therefore, need to be well protected at all times. That includes protecting the eyes of your preemie because being born prematurely puts an awful lot … Read more

All About Preemie Twins

Having a baby prematurely can be an amazing and amazingly stressful experience. It’s usually unexpected, many preemies have big health issues and challenges, and the NICU can be a scary place. Taking that experience and doubling it is probably nobody’s idea of a fun time. However, when you have preemie twins, that’s exactly what happens … Read more