How Are Premature Babies Born?

While there are many differences between a preemie and a full-term baby, there’s one thing that both have in common; they need to be born. Obviously, a preemie is born early while a full-term infant is born on or close to the normal 40 week gestation period. But the question of how, specifically, preemies are … Read more

Is a Stay In the NICU Covered by Insurance?

Medical costs today in the United States are, in a word, ridiculous. A single trip to the emergency room can easily top $10,000 for something as simple as a broken arm. Visits to your medical doctor are no better, leading many people to avoid it even if they’re having a health issue.  However, if you … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Preemie Vision

When a baby is born prematurely, many of its major organs are still immature. From their skin to their heart, brain, lungs, and more, your preemie simply isn’t prepared for life in the outside world. That includes their eyes, which, unfortunately, can have quite a few problems due to being born too early. Even worse, … Read more

How To Stop Premature Labor

The longer they stay in your belly, the better! Frankly, having a baby prematurely is not the best scenario for neither you nor your baby. For your preemie, it means many extra challenges and time in the hospital. That includes a stay in the neonatal intensive care unit, away from you and their dad too. … Read more